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Theme based creative brochure design.

Designing creative brochure for services :

Bizbrains Advisors is an expert consulting firm that serves as the complete solution to all your Import and Export needs.

Brochure design is part of branding activity which continues with Logo Design, Stationary Design, Brochure Design and Website Banner Design. This brochure is 6 Page center pin brochure containing information about all consulting services they provide, which are represented with relevant creatives.

Design consists of Silhouette based theme. The elements in the brochure are relevant to the services in such a way that it is easily recognized by the reader. Having a brochure full of content requires readers attention to provide higher conversion rates, our designs does exactly same!

Colors :

The red color used is not too bright or not too dark either. It is perfect combination and balance between the two, which creates appealing look and feel the the person reading it in physical paper. Having import-export business nature, corporate colors are used to display professionalism.

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Brochure Design » Bizbrains Advisors

May 17, 2018


Bizbrains Advisors


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